Monday, June 27, 2011

Holiday Weekend Schedule

** I will update this during the week as plans change. Not 'cause y'all care, but so I can remember what to do**

I WILL NOT go out and get wasted, lest I have to take a nap and leave antithesis watching a movie like I did last time.

I should probably also cook like bbq stuff in case the food is wack anywhere so we have something to eat when we get home. On the menu is baked beans, pasta salad, mac & cheese, cabbage and some pre-made ribs from Jewel (please don't sleep on these). Or maybe Carson's ribs, since I'll have a car. Yeah, Carson's is the move.

- Pick her up from the airport
- Shop on Michigan Avenue
- Happy Hour at Bar Louie with @DiJones82
- Pre-game/Dinner @ my house
- @jakiliwedding Shindig at Red Kiva. It's gonna be true Chicago talent search in there
- DJ Battle at the Joynt OR
- Shrine (or somewhere else, not sure)

- TGIFresh Fridays at Tantrik. This will definitely crack.


- Sears Tower
- Brunch (P is coordinating)
- Barbecue at the Point (wherever the bbq's at)
- Possible Pool Party
- Party (wherever the party's at) - Don't get your heart set on going out Saturday night. If it's grooving at the bbq OR if someone has a dope house party after the bbq, we're gonna stay.

- Brunch at Wishbone (or should we go to Duffy's? Hmm...)
OR should we go to 10 a.m. service at church, then Yolk or Bongo room?

- The Taste of Chicago

At some point we have to go to Chi bakery for the red velvet shake and if folks want to go to the beach, we might go to the beach.

We don't really have time for too much sightseeing, but she has a list of stuff to do from some psuedo-Chicagoans. I guess I'll consider that too. LOL!

Do you see how hard it is putting together a Chicago itinerary? The options are endless. We'll probably only do 3 things on this astronomical list. Either way, it's about to go down!


chichi said...

Can you come up with a list like this around labor day weekend too please? My friend wants to visit Chicago at that time and I have no ideas.

T said...

@chichi bsleet puts out a Chi weekend advisory via e-mail with everything you could possibly think to do on holiday weekends. Send me your e-mail and I'll forward when he sends (for 4th of July and Labor Day).

Always something to do in the Chi!