Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Giving Back

Ok, I mentioned feeling guilty about not volunteering as much and South Loop Social Light mentioned that I could be charitable in other ways and you know what I AM!!! Here's 10 things that are such a regular part of my routine that I forgot that they were charitable.

10. I tithe (miss me with the philosophical discussion about whether this is charitable or obligatory. The church does all kind of service with this money and the government thinks it's a charitable donation.)
9. I buy Streetwise
8. I buy hot chocolate and soup for the homeless in the winter and meals for people who ask for them when I have cash on me.
7. I help people find jobs (either directly or though connections I make)
6. I do the AIDS walk every year
5. I write checks, pretty much every time a friend is doing anything charitable (Walks, runs, benefits)
4. I volunteer with Chicago Cares as often as my schedule allows. I WANT it to be once a month, but it's looking like it'll round out to once a quarter this year.

Ah, I feel better now. How do you live a life of service when you aren't racking up volunteer hours?

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