Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Epic Holiday Weekend

Blame it on the 90 degree weather in the Chi and the fact that my liquor-food ratio was 2:1. (Sidenote: what does a sister have to do to get a hotdog at a bbq), but her are some random things I did this weekend.

10. Worked (the weekend was epic despite running into the office for a few hours)
9. Smoked a cigar
8. Sold drinks for $5 out of my bag of tricks - I didn't even own the liquor. I was just holding it because my bag was so big.
7. Felt up at least two of my girls.
6. Went to the bathroom at a woman's house who was on the path from the beach back to the car (better th
5. Apologized profusely for my hair being ratchet (the wind sucked this weekend)
4. Shot my (drunk) shot at a cutie in front @thewholehood
3. Fell asleep in the backseat of a homie's car on the way to Bellwood
2. Fell asleep on a homie's couch in Bellwood, blanket and all.
1. Not remembering most of what happened on Monday... it's a blur.

Remind me to factor more sleep into the 4th of July weekend. I'm gonna need it.

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antithesis said...

thou shalt not sleep thru my visit. u better make it happen during the week some home.