Wednesday, June 29, 2011

As Told On Twitter...

  • Who wants to hear about my day? You know the routine, if not, now would be a good time to mute or unfollow me.
  • Had my cousin's car last night so I could go 2 a bridal shower in the 'burbs. Parked it RIGHT in front of the crib. @ 8 went 2 pay the meter
  • Yeah, so my crib's on the Pride parade route. Cuzzo's car was definitely @ Chicago Pould #6. It's time out 4 panicking, so I get dressed...
  • Get a zip car in Lincoln Park, go grab cuz in Bronzeville, get a notarized letter releasing the car (didn't want 2 mess up her day).
  • Take the Zipcar back to Lincoln Park. Take the bus to Humboldt Park 2 get the car. All while carrying a punchbowl w 10-glasses set
  • Doesn't really matter if my car got towed or not. There's no excuse 4 showing up to a shower giftless. I digress.
  • Get to the pound, greeting by a sea of angry faces on both sides of the counter. I pull out my notarized letter, ID, & credit card. BAM!
  • They then tell me 1. B/c it's not MY car, I have 2 pay cash. I didn't ask why they didn't tell me this over the phone b/c
  • B/c experience has taught me that no1 is going to help me, even if their very job description is to help customers. Gotta help myself.
  • So 1. I gotta go get $160, but 2. They don't have an ATM. So now I gotta walk from Sacramento to Kedzie w a big ass punchbowl from Crate &
  • Barrel. I ask if I can leave it behind the counter. They confer & decide to let me put it in the car. Also, I need the registration.
  • I pray that it's in the car b/c all that I have is the insurance. A nice guy named Dave takes me to the car. I drop the gift off...
  • Dave offers to take me to the ATM so I don't have 2 walk. He was the 1st helpful person I'd encountered. Gives me driving directions too.
  • He wouldn't let me tip him. I apologized if it was offensive. I'm just not used to people being nice for no reason. He was my angel 2day.
  • I take the registration inside w cash, notarized letter. BAM! I'm rets 2 go. The registration however was from every year BUT 2011.
This is getting long. The saga continues tomorrow.

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