Thursday, June 30, 2011

As Told on Twitter... Part 2

  • Back to the car, find the 2011 registration. Do a jig, still expect the worst. Get inside. Another mean broad processes my paperwork.
  • She asks if my cousin is my mother. I reply no, she's my cousin. Mean broad says "You can't take this car" I smile & say
  • I have a notarized letter. She takes a 2nd look @ the paperwork & says "oh". Continues to process my ish. She finishes THEN I have 2 wait...
  • In the cashier line. 4 ppl processing towed cars, 1 cashier. The epitome of inefficient. I wait patiently. I smile @ the cashier...
  • She apologizes that it's so much paperwork. I hate being there, she hates working there. I leave. The shower started 30 minutes ago.
  • 45 minutes later I get to the shower, I'm the only black person there (that was expected). I'm an hour & 15 minutes late. People stare.
  • My friend and her mom hug me. Ask if I want a stiff drink. I decline & catch up, they were on the dessert @ this pt.
  • By the time the coffee comes, it's like I've been there the whole time. The bride loved my gift & w my pockets $200 lighter all's well.
  • This concludes storytime. I'm home & despite the pandemonium that is the Pride parade going on RIGHT outside my apt, my unit is peaceful.
  • I think I handled myself well on 3 hours of sleep. And now, I will get the rest of those hours back. Once again, it's #NapTime!!!
  • Also, very important lesson I learned last wk that I applied 2day, hourly workers act like hourly workers. Never expect any more.
  • If I walk around expecting ppl do act right/do right, then I set myself up for the go-off-age at all times. Now I expect ratchetness.
  • If someone hits me with helpfulness or kindness, it's a pleasant surprise like my homeboy Dave 2day. And that's that. G'nite.

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