Tuesday, June 14, 2011

25 Causes

So @thefabgiver asked... if you had 50 million dollars to donate to charity, how would you do it. My response was that I'd give to 25-50 different orgs.

She asked if I meant 25-50 orgs or causes because she didn't know if I could think of 50 causes. I took that as a CHALLENGE. Here are 25 I can think of.

1. AID/HIV Awareness/Prevention/Support
2. Rape, Incest, Sexual Abuse
3. Domestic Violence Victims
4. Cancer
5. Multiple Sclerosis
6. Juvenile Diabetes
7. Child Hunger
8. Homelessness
9. Alcoholism/Drug Abuse
10. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
11. Alzheimer's Research
12. Teen Violence (or hell just violence period)
13. Mentoring
14. Bullying (The buzzword of 2011)
15. Post-incarceration help/support
16. Child trafficking
17. Human trafficking
18. Cerebral Palsy
19. Down Syndrome
20. Orphans
21. Female mutilation
22. Cleft Palate
23. Disaster Help
24. Scholarship Fund (or some sort)
25. Helping T find a husband. Real talk, I should start a 501c3 solely for this purpose.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Getting the paperwork for number 25 together even as I type...

I cannot believe that I don't know any good, single men!!