Thursday, May 19, 2011

You Know You're Busy When... (Part 2)

5. When you've left your clothes at CD One Price Cleaners for more than a week (no excuse for this. LOL!)

4. When you haven't read your favorite blogs in over a month (I'm going to catch up and comment one day, guys)

3. When you travel and leave dishes in the sink (I HATE doing this, but there's no time for dishes.)

2. When you have to pick between eating and sleeping (Sleep usually wins, I can eat in the morning)

1. When you don't blog consistently. (Again, I'm sorry. I love you all no less.)

How do you know when you're too busy?

1 comment:

South Loop Social Light said...

When I look up and realize I've missed a day or two of my birth control and allergy pills lol... seriously.