Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm the Old Lady at the Club

I was at the club on Memorial Day weekend and definitely felt my age. I still feel like I have the right to party (I'm not THAT old), but here are a few ways I can tell I've matured at the club.

  • You dressed for the 50-degree weather (jeans, boots, outerwear) and everyone else dressed for the occasion (summer dresses, sandals, shit that will have you with pnuemonia the next day.)
  • You're in the middle of the dance floor dancing, but generally not giving a $%#. My guy goes, "I can tell y'all grown, cause you not trying to impress anyone." There were like 100 women on the dance floor and 10 men, I'm not about to be dropping it over and bending unless I want to. I'm not trying to get the attention of these 25 year olds. #NoThankYou
  • You smile at other women in the club. As an old head in the club, I find myself complimenting people, telling folks when there's tissue on their shoe, moving out of the way when people need to get past, just being a friendlier clubgoer in general. All the cattiness, the hate, the nose-turned up stuff is for the birds (and the 21-year old). The club is not a place where competition happens. Meet me in the boardroom (or at the bank) and we can compete for whatever you like.
  • You valet the car without a second thought. Man, why would I sit on a pocket full of money driving around looking for free parking? Don't trip, I still do that when it's necessary, but this weekend was not it.

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antithesis said...

*GASP* not trying to get the attention of 25 y.o.'s? as IF ur much older. DEAD!

awww, the word verification is "heart" and i heart u. that matters and u better care!