Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ski Weekend!!!!

So with a grant from my job to subsidize trip costs, a friend to visit and a lot of bravery I embarked on a journey to learn how to ski. Getting there took a long time (Flight to San Fran [4 hours], cab to Oakland [1 hour], ride to Lake Tahoe [6 hours in the snow]) and the snow was HIGH.

The drive up was entertaining (thanks Molly and Emily) and scary. I've never seen snow like this in my entire life. Just walls and walls of snow on the highway. Imagine my surprise when everyone didn't just abandon the roads and chug-chugged away to get up to the mountain.

The Batmans were phenomenal hosts. (Yes my friend's real last name is Batman.) They have the most comfortable home and eat the most healthy, fresh foods. Before I even got on the slopes, I felt like a mountain girl.

Then I actually hit the slopes. Oh boy, I sucked. Who knew it would be that hard. I fell so much (which was funny to me), but I think my instructor was concerned, like literally worried about me. He kept telling me to relax and while I felt relaxed on the outside, on the inside I'm sure I thought I would crash to my tragic death off the side of a mountain, so I was guarded to say the least.

I let my hosts know that I probably wouldn't be going out the second day, but to please go without me because they LOVE to ski. While they skied Northstar Mountain I explored Northstar Village. I visited candle shop, winery, read a new book, sipped cappuccino and a got a massage... sounds like a perfect ski trip to me!

All in all, I am SO happy I got to visit with the Batmans, try skiing for the first time and get in some relaxation at the foot of a mountain. Enjoy the pics!

Below: This is a map of Heavenly Mountain where I took ski lessons. Look ALL the way at the bottom of the mountain, that's where I was all day. Below: Me, in skis. Below: Me, coming down the mountain. My instructor said I had flexible knees. He also said I relied too much on my ski sticks, so he made me go down without using them, which was very helpful and much more fun. I look like the scarecrow. LOL! Below: Day 2 of skiing = T chilling


South Loop Social Light said...

Fun! I love skiing and really think you only need 1 lesson and a weekend to explore to catch on. A few years ago I hit the slopes and had an awesome time skiing at night. The slopes weren't anywhere as crowded as they were during the day, but I can't lie... it was a little eerie being up there in the somewhat darkness.

Anyways, glad you had a great trip!

chichi said...

Sounds like so much fun! At least you figured out skiing isn't for you but you got to experience all those other things!
Don't you love San Fran/Oakland? I can't wait to go back.