Monday, April 18, 2011

Q1 2011 Update: March

Sacrifices this month:

4. Skipped St. Patty's Day Kickin' it the weekend before St. Patty's Day. (I actually budgeted to go on ON St. Patty's Day and I did and it was awesome.)

Unexpected expenditures: a. Ski Trip to Lake Tahoe - My job paid for the first $1,000 of expenses, but the rest was on me. It wasn't expensive at all, but if I didn't have the first $1,000 from my job, I wouldn't have spent the balance on a trip.

Note, this was my ONLY unexpected expenditure for the quarter. How dope is that?

Credit Score Update: It went up another 10 pts or so. JUKE!!! (Actually, I was cabbage patching around my apartment when I found out, but JUKE works.) I'm 70 pts from my alltime high and about 85 points from where I want to be. YAY Progress!!!

*sidenote, Blogger is lowkey pissing me off with this formatting. I've tried to fix it about 22 times today.

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