Monday, April 4, 2011

Q1 2011 Update: January

I think the week-long quarterly updates are kind of boring (based on the fact that they get virtually no comments), so I'm going to start doing Money Mondays and talk about updates once a week. Let me know how y'all feel about that. :)

Sacrifices this month: I didn't need to make any. My budget is solid.

Unexpected expenditures: I actually didn't have any of these either in January. I kept all of the money that I budgeted in my savings account (then parlayed it to make it rain on a CC) YAY!!! Who's proud of me.

Credit Score Update: Checked my credit, I'm up 10 points. (80 pts away from my all time high) Praise Yahweh!

Final note: If this is the same story in February and March: no sacrifices, no unexpected expenditures, higher credit score (which I sure hope it is), I might suspend this series. Nothing to see here people.


South Loop Social Light said...

Just wanted to add that a lack of comments doesn't mean a post is boring or doesn't have an audience... sometimes discussing what you spent is pretty up front... especially if no questions are being posed.

chichi said...

Yeah and it's also to keep yourself honest not necessarily for audience approval. However congrats on the 10 point hike on your credit score. Being diligent pays off!
-chichi (sorry I keep signing w/ multiple names depending on what gmail account I'm signed into)

T said...

Thanks to you both for your comments! My readers and friends are so supportive. Like "eff if we comment or not, you have personal goals to reach." #LovesIt