Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I think I'm losing weight at a pretty healthy pace. I've been losing a little over a pound a week since the start of the 10 lb Challenge. I finally saw 140 on the scale again and then I saw 139. Down 6 lbs!!! *do a dance* (4 to go).

I think as I get older and try to maintain a healthy weight there are couple of things I cannot do (or need to just do less of).

I cannot:

  • Eat free food in the office - These bagels, muffins, burritos, chips & salsa, Auntie Annie's pretzels and beer carts do not have my best interest at heart. And while I love saving money on food, I hate seeing the scale go up when I'm trying to lose weight.

  • Skip workouts - One day out of the gym is like a pound gained.

  • Make poor eating decisions - One burger or bag of french fries will really set you back when you're trying to lose weight or maintain a flat-stomach weight. I've been trying to choose fruits and veggies instead of meats, cheeses, crackers and fried foods when the opportunity presents itself.

  • Indulge in bar food - This is pretty much the same as above, but it bears repeating with playoff season and the entire summer on deck.

  • Binge drink - When you drink, you get hungry, then you eat a lot. Your body burns the alcohol and stores the fat. Not to mention that fresh fruits and veggies are not good hangover food. So I probably need to "sip slow homie" to keep my waistline in tact.

QOTD: What tips do you have for maintaining your weight loss or a healthy weight in general?

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Tracey Allison said...

Keep healthy snacks around... Raw almonds, dried cranberries, apple chips. Those do the trick for me.