Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hit the Weights

So I ran into a friend at the gym and she was leaving the cardio room and I say "are you on the way home" and she's like no, I need to hit the weights. WEIGHTS?

As you can see I'm terrified of weights. So another friend is getting married in September and I mention my terror to her and she offers to show me how to do it. *singing* That's what friends are for!!!! So we're headed to LA Fitness one day soon where I can go on her buddy pass and she's going to give me a tutorial. Now I'm excited.

10 POUND CHALLENGE WEIGH-IN: It's been 4 weeks since the start of the Challenge. We should all be at about 6lbs weight loss to make it to 10lbs by Easter. How much have you lost?

Tea - 4 lbs YAY!
Nerd Girl - 4 lbs Hooray!
Antithesis - 5 lbs Woo hoo!
Jenna - 5.6 lbs Woot Woot!
Tina - 6 lbs Holla!


nerdgirlms said...

I'm down four pounds! Yay!

And my BMI is down to 25.2 - I'm almost "normal" on the BMI again :)

antithesis said...

i need to stop playing and work out. especially working where i work, if im going to indulge in all the sweet freeness, it's gonna be a HUGE problem.