Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Support and Such

Tea's note: This is a guest post by Antithesis about the 10 lb challenge. If you're participating in the Challenge and would like to do a guest post, please e-mail it to me. Also, we're doing a weigh-in tomorrow. Everyone should be at about 3 lbs weight loss. Best wishes!

The key to any weight-loss plan is support. T had the awesome idea to recruit whomever she could into her 10-lb challenge. What better way to suffer (read: sacrifice) than to suffer with others? But support goes beyond the "sure, i'll do this with you" or the "I'm not going to do this but I'll do what I can to keep you on track". Sometimes it's a simple as others around you not being asses. Since Lent, I've experienced some examples of a**hole behavior. I gave up bread and potatoes and starchy stuff like that and people have not been my friends when it's come to that. Wanna know about it? Here it go:

At starbucks (pay no attention to why I was there. I have rights still)

barista: you know what would go really well with that? *insert some starch-laden confection here*
me: that sounds really great but i cant; gave up cookies and stuff for lent
barista: [it tastes like deliciousness sprinkled with tasty with a side of 'oh my god'] how long is Lent?
me: it ends on Easter.
barista: ok, we'll talk about it in 2 weeks
me: *blank stare*

ok, i admit i forgot what she said but she really did try to sell that shit. I remember laughing and telling her "you're a horrible person, right now" before we got to the point of saying she'll tell me about it later.

at work (every shift)

coworker (again): no one told you to give up wheat...
coworker (one more time): aha! you cant have beer or vodka either.

Not only are people around me extremely rude, they are also not the brightest. I never said anything about bread/starch ingredient-DERIVED products. But I am conscious of my empty alcohol calories.

at home

dad: *walks in with 10-piece nuggets and fries* here
me: i cant eat that
dad: *walks away shaking his head*

in his defense, he hasn't seen me but maybe twice since Lent because of my work schedule but still. Not helping.

By the way, I've lost 2 pounds so far.


South Loop Social Light said...

Congrats on the 2 lbs. I started my first bootcamp session last night... looking forward to seeing how much I can push myself these next 4 weeks!

QUE.PK.iDD said...

My "always tryna lose weight always talkin about weight loss surgery" supervisor asks what I'm having for lunch (side note: this is a question she tends to ask multiple times each day), I tell her fruit and veggies.

Her: "Hmph. Money low?"
Me: *sideways look* *pause* "...no, I have money."
Her: "Hmph. Tryna lose weight?"
Me: *confused* "no"
Her: "Hmph"

She really acted like something was wrong with me because I was eating fruit and veggies for lunch.