Thursday, March 24, 2011


So this is an odd question of the day, but what is the appropriate time period to go shopping? Everyday? When you need things? Once a week? Pay Day? Once a month? Only when you DON'T have credit card debt?

It seems like such a silly question, but shopping has been dangerous for me so take a walk with me through my thoughts on it.

Where I am: Lately I haven't been shopping at all. I've learned that I don't even need to put the desire for new things in my spirit if I don't have cash to pay for them. My last three clothing purchases were dresses for speed dating (Feb) and NYE (Dec) and a bonus dress (Dec). The December purchase was unexpected, but the February purchase came out of approved funds.

Where I've been: I THINK my former habit is to deprive myself (because I made so little money or because I had credit card debt) and then when I did shop to splurge on credit cards (and at the time I'd think 1) I work very hard and I deserve it 2) it's natural and normal to buy new things and 3) I'll pay it back later).

Where I struggle: On the one hand, how can I set aside money to shop when I know I have balances on credit cards?

On the other hand, how do I rectify making a significant amount of money and still wearing clothes I wore in college? (Side note: Praise God for the few shirts and sweaters from college that still fit, Amen.)

All of this to say, if there was a reasonable guideline for the balance one should have on saving, debt repayment and spending on yourself, I would probably follow it. I would actually prefer a "spend on yourself breakout" because when given the choice of dining out with friends and buying new things I will pick friends every time and never buy anything new for myself.

More on this tomorrow.


South Loop Social Light said...

I think you need to set aside money to splurge on yourself... not necessarily a clothing fund, but just "fun" money each month. Then, you can leave it up to yourself to spend it however you'd like. For instance, if you budget $200 a month then you may blow this all at once, or trick it off slowly... but just stick to your budget and don't put shopping on credit cards.

QUE.PK.iDD said...

I don't use credit cards and I rarely "plan" my spending. It has caused me to be late on a bill or 2, but the spontaneous spending feels great, although sometimes I end up returning an item or 2 the following week.

Oh and I, too, wear clothes that I've had for ages. I never throw clothes away, so if it still fits and is remotely presentable (maybe with a new shirt or belt or shoes), I'm still wearing it.