Tuesday, March 29, 2011

None of this, More of that

I was on vacation yesterday and definitely left y'all hangin'. I had my auto posts on the wrong day. O_O Sorry about that.

Here's a list of things that I'm also not having by default since I cut out sugar:

None of this
- Oatmeal (this is kind of sad, but I'm not eating sugar-free oatmeal)
- Artificially sweetened yogurt
- Cola
- Most baked goods
- Ice cream
- Candy

Only some of this
- Coffee (actually, I've been just drinking it with cream and I'm getting used to it)
- Cocktails (I've been drinking beer and asking for diet Sprite and other nonsense at the bar. People looking at me like I'm nuts)

More of that
- Greek yogurt
- More fresh fruit (currently loving Clementines)
- Tea without sugar
- Kashi Cereal


Kismet said...

Greek yogurt is hella delicious. And they sell it at Starbucks (with granola and honey) so you can get it on the fly if you want it.

At the bar, club soda with lime is tasty and looks like alcohol.

Hope you had a blast.

QUE.PK.iDD said...

Greek yogurt? Def gotta try that. Are you drinking milk? I put 2% milk in my instant oatmeal and it's very tasty.

Also, what about cinnamon? That's kinda of a sweetner...

T said...

@kidd, I am drinking milk. I drink 2%. I make smoothies with it too. I put cinnamon and nutmeg in plain oatmeal and it tasted hot hot garbage. I definitely miss sugar, but I appreciate the sacrifice.