Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No Sugar Makes Tea a Hungry, Hungry, Hippo

Ok, not eating sugar is making me fat. Close to God... and fat. There's something in my brain that sugar triggers that tells me I'm full. This is why dessert or a dessert-like treat is needed every night. Without that treat, I'm eating until I'm stuffed.

And you know I don't like denying myself, so this week it's been pizza, burgers and fries, oh my! (and that HAS to stop).

So I talked to an R.D. at the gig as she suggested greek yogurt. It's all natural flavoring and has a lot of protein in it. I'm adding that, lots of fruits and veggies and sugar-free, high-fiber cereal to my Peapod grocery cart and I'll see what happens.


Hungrier #dinnamug

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