Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I friggin' LOVE brunch

Can we discuss how the brunch struggle is REAL in Boston... more on that in another post.

You've seen brunch place I love in the Chi and brunch places I want to try in Chicago. Here's a mixture of the two.

10. Mercadito - The huevos rancheros with pork... um Dlish!
9. Red Canary*
8. Milk and Honey*
7. Stax - Their pancake selection is as good as their waffle selection. That NEVER happens.
6. Brunch* - Their fresh squeezed juices and lemonades are top notch. Great pototaes too. I'll be back!
5. Kanela Breakfast Club - Except for the peanut butter shake, I don't really recommend it
4. Big Jones - The menu with all of it's local items was better written than the food was seasoned. The beignets were just so-so.
3. M. Henry* - I went here finally. The food was described better on the menu than it tasted in my mouth. Good, but not great.
2. Two Sparrows*
1. Tavern on Rush* I was looking back through my brunchcapades and realized that I haven't been here yet. I'm like four years late, but whatevs. Classic places like this don't really get old. I'll go this summer.

* Denotes brunch spots I haven't hit yet. Oh, but I will. :)

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