Monday, March 14, 2011

Fitness Tips from an SI Model

I saw this on Yahoo's homepage and immediately clicked it because who knows more about keeping it tight, than a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model... um... no one. Find the full article here.

1. Combine Cardio and Weight Training
“I recommend doing both cardio and weights, both of which are on my Elle Make Better DVDs. High energy cardio can be fun when you set it to music and keep changing your focus. It’s important to balance the two out. You'll notice yourself getting leaner and stronger when you add variety into your workout.”

2. Don’t Forget About Food
More than exercise, Brooklyn believes that nutrition plays a major role in slimming down. “Nutrition is a HUGE factor in slimming down for summer. You can work out all day long, but if you are filling your body with junk, you won't see the results you want. The great thing about consistent exercise, though, is that you get to have that occasional chocolate bar if you want…completely guilt-free!”

3. Ab-Trimming Foods
The best thing for slimming the abs, which, Brooklyn says she’s “still working on”… is food that digests easily and helps clear out the system, such as high fiber foods, vegetables, and probiotics. “I personally like natural plain yogurt and broccoli. This helps you reduce any bloating around the tummy.”

4. Hydrate
Your Skin from the Outside!
Your skin eats too. What you slather on it matters. When it comes to face wash, Brooklyn keeps it simple. “I like simple Cetaphil. The bar version is antibacterial, and a makeup artist told me that it helps to clear any breakouts you may have.”

5. Hydrate Your Skin from the Inside!
Want a healthy glow? “What you are fueling your body with is a huge factor in how your skin looks. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!!” Yes: WATER.

Cetaphil, broccoli and lots 'o' water, on deck!!!

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