Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2-week Weigh-In

Hey Challenge participants (Antithesis, BGG, Jenna, Kidd, Nerd Girl, South Loop Social Light, Thummyb, Tina, and Will)

It's been 2 weeks since the start of our 10-lb Weight Loss Challenge. In today's comments please share how much you've lost. If we're on target to lose 10 lbs by Easter, we should each be at just about 3lbs of weight loss today.

Please share:
  • How you're feeling with the increased exercise
  • How you've been doing with whatever you gave up for Lent (if it's Challenge related) and
  • Any fitness and/or weight loss tips you have for the group
I'll start. I've lost 2 lbs, which is just 1 lb shy of the goal. I'm proud of my weight loss to date, but I'm going to have to kick my workouts into high gear. This is definitely proving harder than I thought it would be.

My tip: Schedule workouts in advance. I announce on Twitter what days I'm going to work out for the week and it really helps to keep me accountable.

I can't wait to see your progress and read all of your tips in the comments!!! So far:

T - Lost 2 lbs
Antithesis - Lost 3.5 lbs
Jenna - Lost 3.5 lbs


antithesis said...

*update*- im at about 3.5 lbs lost. i havent been working out. i think i only did it once last week and i havent at all this week (fail). my tip would have been not to beat urself up if you miss a workout but clearly ive been too kind to myself. i hope to get it together b4 the next weigh-in.

South Loop Social Light said...

I started my 4-week bootcamp on Monday and woke up today super sore and unable to move. I know it's a good type of pain, but I definitely need a good stretch. I go for my 2nd session tonight.

I don't participate in Lent, but I have cut out my daily cup of coffee in the morning. I figured the extra calories from the coffee/cream/sugar was an easy thing to cut. I've also cut back on the amount of soda/juice I drink. I already made the switch to skim milk a year or so ago so that's been a good thing for me.... and I went from 3-4 slices of turkey bacon w/ my breakfast down to 2. In terms of staying hydrated I've always been a water person and usually drink 48-64 oz a day. I started adding some lemon juice to my water and it's been great. Adds a little zest to my water routine.

In terms of weight lost, I don't weigh myself on a weekly basis and will report back in 4 weeks with an overall result once the bootcamp is done.

A tip? I really learned the importance of performing ab exercises correctly. Make sure to have your abs pulled back to your spine, and think of the top of the abs as a sponge you're trying to wring out when you're squeezing during the exercises. It really has made a HUGE difference when I'm working out.

My bootcamp meets 3 days a week for 4 weeks. I plan on trying to incorporate at least 1 day of cardio on my as well. Congrats on everyone's progress thus far!!

Anonymous said...

Um, zero pounds lost.

But, I just started Monday :)

I've been eating only foods found at the grocery store's perimeter - meat, dairy, vegetables.

I've started walking every day during my lunch, and I plan to go back to the gym next week. It is so on!

Congrats to everyone on their weightloss!