Thursday, February 17, 2011

Volunteering & Such

I got this from the Fab Giver who got it from Oprah. Check it out for yourself here:

I am a New Breed Volunteer. I think that's pretty cool.

The New Breed Volunteer
Gone are the days when "charity" work is the sole domain of Junior League socialites. You're a radically different breed with just as much desire to give back. You're a busy professional, student or parent with a full life, but you believe that doing good feels good and giving back is part of living your best life. Volunteering regularly adds meaning to your life.

Your most rewarding volunteer opportunities are likely to be:
Ongoing programs at soup kitchens and food pantries, mentoring and after-school programs, senior care and support, hospital volunteering, homeless shelters or any group in need with an organized program and a regular place to meet.

You're no help here:
Organizations that need full-time volunteers or charities that don't have an organized volunteer program in place.

To find your best fit, ask yourself these questions when choosing a volunteer opportunity:
* Where am I most needed?
* Is it an organized program with easily sustained involvement?
* Will I be volunteering with other people in my age group?

So, which one are you? How do you plan to give your time (not money) this year?


ThummyB said...

#NewBreed checking in!

QUE.PK.iDD said...

Up until December, I was a full time volunteer. I would receive honorariums when funds were available, but at the time, I was more invested in GIVING than I was invested in GETTING paid. Actually I'm STILL more invested in giving than getting, however the bank that finances my car aint buying it. lol. So I guess I'm now a New Breed Volunteer. But the 1st opportunity I get to got back to where my heart is, I'll be right back to volunteering full time. It's amazing how rewarding that can be (spiritually, emotionally, and even financially).