Thursday, February 24, 2011

Money! Money! Money!

So I have a friend that works at a respectable bank, but it's in the hood. Visiting any establishment in the hood is an experience in itself, but imagine working there.

Said homie posts some of his tales on Facebook and I've stolen them to share with my readers. You're welcome!

  • "My customer sees a women in line who he thinks is attractive, he tells me "man she's sexy, I need to go holla at her, I'm bout to ask her if she wanna go to the strip club Friday night" I was thinkin to myself, When did the strip club become a good first date location?"
  • "If I get one more customer to tell me how the bank is bogus for charging them "insignificant" fund fees, I'm gonna go crazy. Bitch I know ur funds are insignificant, 'cause you don't have any, but the word is 'insufficient'"
  • "This dude tells me needed to talk to me cause he got robbed and needed a new debit card. He then continues to say when they robbed him, he Shit himself. What the hell does shittin yourself have to do wit me getting u a new debit card? I dont need to know that. He coulda kept that shit to himself (pun intended)"
  • Ok I work for the bank. I am not the bank!!! One of my customers had the balls to ask ME to loan him $500 until his check clears, and then I could just withdrawl the money out his account when available. Granted he probably was good for it, but I'm still not on duty. I AINT GOT NO ENDS!!! *in my Martin voice*
  • In today's edition of the ghetto gazette. I come to work today to find out someone bussed out the windows of my coworkers car. While we were at the gig. For those who know me, yal understands it takes ALOT for me to get upset, but if someone busses out the windows in Becky, it's gonna be some smoke in the city, AND some furniture rearranging

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South Loop Social Light said...

Those are pretty funny. At least he's able to keep himself entertained all day.