Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Have a Date!!!

I know people that know me read this title like "And what else is new?" LOL!

Ok, I don't just have A date, I have several dates, as SPEED DATING!!! Which will be happening at an unknown time at an undisclosed location. I'm so excited. Mainly because

1) I think it'll be fun AND
2) It's something I've never done before

I need your advice. QOTD: What should I wear?

A) A dress and heels
B) A dress and boots
C) Jeans, cute shirt and boots (I'm not wearing heels with jeans because there will likely still be snow on the ground.)

Or do you have an outfit in mind for me that I haven't mentioned? The recap of this thing will be so much fun. I hope you all are excited.


antithesis said...

u would find speed dating when im not there. there was speed dating at the auto show but it was at a time i didnt wanna be there so yea...

South Loop Social Light said...

It's the heart of winter in Chicago so warmth and comfort is going to be key. I say playing up your best features without looking like you're trying too hard. Maybe a sweater dress with cute boots... Speed dating makes me feel like you need to give someone the best snapshot of yourself (clothes included) as quickly as possible.

b.goody said...

Dress and heels! Dress and heels!
I might wait for the update or I may just call :)
Have fun!

ThummyB said...

Dress and boots! It'll be cold (and potentially snowy), so you want to be cute yet warm. Maybe black dress w/red belt and black boots. You can be matchy matchy by carrying a red clutch, or you can mix it up w/silver.

Anonymous said...

Dress and boots for the win!