Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hostile Female Cartoons

I was talking to the homies about cartoons and it was brought me my attention that I like all the bitchy female cartoons. I can have a bit of a temper. I think as a child that was repressed so I didn't get knocked clean out my my mom or grandma.

Also, it should be noted, as an adult, I've learned where to put all that anger and I'm MUCH nicer to customer service people and people who are irritating just in general. (YAY for growth). My friends are mad because I don't tell waiters and waitresses where to go and how to get there anymore. I'm sorry y'all, hang with a 19-year old for that type of foolishness. I'm too old.

Anywho, here's are my three favorite bitchy cartoon characters:

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ThummyB said...

Random testament to niceness:

So before I can leave my work parking lot, I have to stop at the cashier booth to have my ticket validated. It's kind of annoying b/c the guy isn't always in the booth when you get there (he likes to take walks around the lot), and the booth window is also in the exact same spot that cars pass to pay and exit the lot (so you risk getting hit each time). However, I try to be plesant even though I don't love this little extra step in my day.

Well on Monday I validated my ticket after work and then walked to class (so that I wouldn't have to stop at the booth at 9:30 at night). It was lightly snowing at 5:30, but a good inch or so had fallen by 9:30. Imagine my delight to find that the man in the booth had cleaned all of the snow off of my when I got back, I could just hop in and drive off. #winning!