Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fitness Update

So working 10-12 hours days leaves me a little too tired to go to the gym. But I am committed to going on my off days and weekends. I've been doing an hour instead of 30 minutes of the days that I go to make up for all the days that I'm not going.

So far, my weight is holding steady at 144 lbs. Which is 4 lbs heavier than my "this is the most you can weigh" goal. I'm soft and pillowy. LOL! I haven't made any commitments to changing my eating habits to lose the weight (stuffs cheesecake in mouth), so I'll probably just be this weight until I do.

Jamaica is on the horizon, so I imagine in March or April, I'll get on some sort of carb-free diet and work on my 6-pack. (Ok, who am I kidding, that ship sailed in HS). I'll probably do something drastic for Lent too. Until then, I still fit all my clothes and life is good, so I'm not dieting.

How are your fitness goals/plans going?


South Loop Social Light said...

I decided to start training for a 5k as a way of motivating me to kick up my cardio. So far things have been going great but I do find myself not having the energy for weights on my non-running days.

You should start making little changes to your diet now since food is like 70% of the issue. Working out is great but if you change what you're eating you'll see results regardless of if you hit the gym or not. Start small. 1 less coffee/soda a day. Eating greens (salad, other green veggies) at least once a day... making sure you're staying hydrated.

There's nothing worse than doing some extreme crash diet just to look good in a bikini...

QUE.PK.iDD said...

Yeah I have no dieting or exercising plans whatsoever. Not really interested in losing weight...but I do have some really cute size 10's that I can't bring myself to get rid of, so I have been considering dropping 10 lbs. My experience with weight loss reminds me that I HATE to exercise, but I love to walk and I don't have a problem eating healthy, except that it costs more to eat healthy. Hmmm...I think you might have encouraged me to get my stuff together and drop these 10 lbs before my bday trip.