Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fasting From Twitter

Last week, I did a media fast for church. I fasted from TV, Twitter and Facebook. I learned that Twitter has turned me into somewhat of an exhibitionist. Here are the top 1o types of things I wanted to share that I couldn't.

10. What I was eating while I was eating it, what I was cooking before I ate it and what I had a taste for before I cooked and/or bought it.

9. What I was listening to and/or watching. #NP and #WIMH go harder than I thought.

8. My thoughts on the news stories of the day: Jay Cutler, Oprah's sister, Rahm Emanuel, the State of the Union Address, Mary Harvey's Youtube clips...

7. How my commute was going. For example on Monday it took me like two hours to take a rental car back. The Avis is no more than 6 miles south of my house. Then on Thursday I ran a bunch of errands that were supposed to culminate with an hour at the gym. Get all the way there in a snow storm and I'd left my gym shoes at home. DOH!

6. Speaking of the gym, I wanted to tell Tweeps when I was getting ready to go to the gym, what I was going to do there, how hard I'd worked out and how many pounds I'd gained or lost.

5. The randomness: Like there is a United States Post Office in Lincoln Park that doesn't sell stamps. Only on the wacky northside is this ok.

4. Happy Birthday. I'm sure I missed a few birthdays last week, but I'm old school, so birthday alarm has most of my friends in it and I sent them text messages.

3. What I was reading: books, the Bible, the paper, magazines and popular blogs and what I thought about the content.

2. Airport stories as I went to Oklahoma City to visit Dorian.

1. How happy I was to not be at work. As I rolled over in my bed several times I reached for my phone to tease Twitter, then realized I couldn't do that.

What has Twitter done to me? To us? Why do we share these mundane details of our lives? It was a quiet week and though it was tough at times, I appreciated the clarity that being alone with God and my thoughts. I was all too happy to get back to Twitter though.

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