Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Church at Home

So I watch church online sometimes. I know it's not just me, let me tell you how I modifed stuff this last time at the crib.

Praise & Worship - I did this just like at church. Except I had a bathrobe on.
Communion - I had a Ritz cracker and a sip of Riesling
Pastor said "Hug 5 people and tell them you love them with the love of Jesus." - I just hugged myself
Tithes - I went ahead and paid online.
Pull out your Bibles - I was actually winning here. I have three Bibles at home, but they're all raggedy, so I don't take them to church, for fear that pages may fall out.

I'm not making this stuff up. I thought it was kind of funny so I'm sharing.


ThummyB said...


Now...I do stand, clap, sing, and dance at home for the praise and worship. And I definitely follow along w/my Bible.

However, the that is good and great! LOL

b.goody said...

Haaaa T! At least it wasn't a Saltine and Smirnoff Ice.

Lady J said...

However you get your praise on get it on as long as you get it and recognize HIM then it's better than nothing.

I'm loving your communion. LOL!!

QUE.PK.iDD said...

A raggedy Bible is a well used Bible. I hate getting a new Bible bc then I have to "break it in" and mark it up. By the time I'm comfy with it, It's time for a new one. UGH! I've been slippin lately though bc I've been using Bible software on my phone, which I thought was the coolest thing until i forgot to charge my battery, and the phone died mid text. #fail