Friday, January 28, 2011


Oh yeah! Unlike most Americans I love tax time. I love crunching numbers, I love getting money back. I love, love, love it!

I've always done my own taxes. My mom has a background in accounting, so if I ever don't understand something, I just hit her up. I asked her to do my taxes one year when I was a teenager and she was like if you don't take your smart ass in there and do them yourself you better. I mean, she didn't curse like that, but the "how stupid do you have to be to not do your own taxes" look she gave me was worse than a curse word.

Anyway, since then, I've never even considered letting anyone else do my taxes.

Howsoever, I've been hearing from my young, fab and fly (and employed) friends that professional tax preparers are the way to go because they study all the new laws and they find deductions I just wouldn't be privy to on my own.

My biggest hurdle is paying someone else money to do something I can clearly do on my own. Like how do I know it'll be worth it?

So question of the day is two-fold.

1. Do you use professional tax preparers and why (do you hate math/numbers, have you done it on your own and really saw a huge difference when a tax preparer did it, are you just too busy to sit down and do your taxes?)

2. Do you think I should get a professional tax preparer in 2011? (Notes to help you better answer the question: I am single, middle-class and I do not own anything. No car, no house, no kids. If I had a child, I would probably be kicked right back into the poor category, for real. In all my years of working my tax has never been higher than the standard deduction and I really don't think it will be this year either.)

What say ye?


One3snapshot! said...

I've used the free turbo tax for about 4 years straight but I missed out on some deductions for 2 years in a row I could have gotten if someone didn't point it out. I filed tax amendments to get my money back but I could have saved myself the trouble.

I think if you have any life changing events (college grad, house, took on a dependent) it's worth paying a tax professional for that year at least.

ps: i wish you still allowed anonymous commenting.

antithesis said...

i dont know any of this. ive never done my own taxes. my dad always claims me and then im over it. im going to do it this year b/c...idk im special. i guess im practicing for next year when i'll def have to. im gonna use some free program to help me and see what happens. hope i dont wind up in jail or owing monies.

Tracey Allison said...

Last year, I used Turbo Tax, figured out my refund, and then I sent my W-2s to a tax pro to ensure I wasn't short changing myself. She didn't charge me for that "consultation," and it turns out I missed a few items. I'll be repeating said steps this year!

Sidenote: My dad is an accountant too, but the tax pro has the more up-to-date software...

T said...

@ One3Snapshot, I don't allow anonymous commenters anymore because I was getting a lot of spam in my comments.

I'm glad you decided to comment despite the barriers. Thanks for reading!!!

Soapbox Cormack said...

So, it was a big deal in my house. My husband wants to do it himself and use Turbo Tax. Im sure we are missing something because we are anticipating a whopping $42 tax refund. LOL He REFUSES to let a professional look at them. Men.