Tuesday, January 25, 2011

State of the Union Thoughts

  1. Hillary Clinton looked nice
  2. I thought it was so cute when that lady was like "that's me. That's me." It's so great to see people be humble.
  3. Why is the speaker of the house so tanned. This dude is about the President's color. I need him to get off that GTL and swiftly.
  4. I thought it was pretty bold of him to talk about oil companies. Richard Boehner wasn't having any part of that. I agree though, BP doesn't need any government subsidies, believe that.
  5. John Kerry and John McCain were sitting next to each other like "Man, it should have been me."
  6. Some of my President's punchlines were pretty dry. "Thank you for showing them we ARE smart"... um, ok, Mr. President.
  7. "It'll be faster than flying, without the patdown." That touched my spirit, right there.
  8. Freeze spending for five years? Um... I don't think this makes sense, Mr. President. Did you hear how only five people or so clapped? Oh boy, that was funny.
  9. My President is talking about reorganization of government. The salmon example was priceless. Everyone eats salmon. :)
  10. My President is vetoing earmarks? WOW! He is not playing games out here. I don't necessarily agree with him, but he's sticking to his guns about government reform and I agree with consistency.
  11. "We will not relent, we will not waver and we will defeat you" My President's message to the Taliban. It was pretty strong
  12. He mentioned North Korea. Oh shit son. I'm scared.
  13. It's crazy how the military leaders didn't stand up when he talked about gays serving in the military.
  14. WE DO BIG THINGS ! Touche, Mr. President, touche.
So what's you think about the State of the Union Address?


South Loop Social Light said...

I didn't watch....

My husband has been on a conspiracy theory kick lately and I'm worn out on all things political.

Maybe next time lol...

Miss Tiara said...

I feel you on number 5! They looked so sad...

I cringed on his comment about high speed rail, though. (number 7) There is no way they are letting people zoom across this nation without some form of security measures. He may have to take back that quote.

Enjoyed your post!