Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Q4 Update: November

Side Note: The Game premieres on BET tonight. Aw, man I'm too excited. I should do a post on it in the morning. I might.

In November I skipped:
2. Parlaying a work trip to Miami into a weekend. Hotel, food, grooming and fits add up. I just sent someone else on the trip. Who's proud of me?

3. Going anywhere one weekend. No clubbin, no house parties, no movies, no brunches, nothing. Just sat in the house and watched Netflix, read magazines, blogged, cleaned and slept a lot.*

4. Ev's Thursday night bday activities. (Dinner and drinks)

5. Buying a new purse. I desperately need a new purse. But I have enough laptop bags, clutches and carry-alls to get me through the season without splurging. We'll see if I have the same resilience in December.

6. MNF with the homies (4x)

My unexpected expenditures were:
c. A Bulls game with the homies (We spanked the Spurs too. #goodtimes)

d. Ev's Friday night bday activities (Bowling and such)

e. MNF with the homies.

*Blogging about money actually works because I was asking antithesis what I should do one night this month and she replied "What does your budget say?" and I was like [my budget says] No.

ALSO I checked my credit score this month and it went up about 25 pts. YAY! 90 more points to go to beat my all-time credit score high. :-)

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