Friday, January 14, 2011

Money Lessons: Q4 and the rest of 2010

Happy Birthday Dr. King!!!

So here are my Q4 (and 2010 overall money lessons)

1. I need to add MNF to my budget in 2011. I'm clearly going to want to go every week.

2. Sometimes skipping stuff isn't worth it. I'm going to budget for b's bday festivities this year. Sorry about last year boo.

3. Buying inexpensive Christmas gifts is o.k. The world did not come to a swift end and everyone still loves me a lot.

4. There are literally 8 months out of the year where it's challenging for me to save money #facepalm

February - Superbowl and All Star weekend
April - Birthday Month
June - Summer
July - Summer
August - Summer
September - End of summer and bffs birthdays
November - Thanksgiving kickin' it
December - Christmas presents, holiday kickin' it and NYE

I could talk about how some of my favorite people have birthdays in March and how October is start of football season and then January and May are really the only two months where it's "easy" to put money away, but I won't go there, lest you all say I'm making excuses.

5. It felt really good: Like chocolate cake orgasmic to pay off a big chunk of my CC debt this year. I'm looking forward to spending my pay raise (that's right, your girl got a promotion, effective January 1!!!) and tax return on paying even more and really, truly being credit card debt free by the end of 2011.

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