Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Macy Gray's Hair Texture

Side note: I'M ON VACATION Your collective voice: Tea, you're always on vacation. My response: #DontJudgeMe

b.goody came with all the HOT topics when I asked you all for topics to write about. She's going to text me after reading this post to tell me to stop telling people she came up with this crazy mess, but... I'm not going to stop.

Anywho, Macy's Gray's hair texture is awesome. She's been natural since before it was cool. Macy Gray, howsoever, needs to do better at moisturizing her situation. For real, as big of a fad as natural hair is and all these products on the market. She is clean out of excuses.


antithesis said...

DANG! can she get a pass since she was natural before it was cool?! and can we discuss how people are going natural and complaining about how "hard" it is and how they are getting judged? like am i supposed to feel sorry for them? girl, bye. i was natural and i was made fun of in ELEMENTARY and MIDDLE SCHOOL. woman up!

b.goody said...


Stop blaming me for these posts!!!

ThummyB said...

I love Macy Gray...but I think that she presents a false image of natural hair. The 1st two pics in particular are of her hair after being roller set...which is both natural and beautiful. However, many women believe that to truly wear your natural texture is to have big, loose curls/waves like these, which may not be the case. Textures with a tigher/kinkier curl patteern are considered 'bad hair' or not the 'right type of hair' to wear natural.

I love all forms of natural hair, but I recognize that sometimes women only find a certain type of natural hair to be acceptable.