Monday, January 24, 2011

Housewives and Such

I haven't done one of these in a while. Here's what I think about the Beverly Hills housewives.

10. The finale showed that doing reality TV ruins people's lives and/or brings light to how horrible people's lives really are. Either way, no bueno.

9. This is the same as 10, but I think it's SO sad that Lisa and Cedric got into an argument. I also think the argument was a manipulative way of Cedric to stay in the house. It clearly didn't work. It's sad.

8. I think Lisa was out of line telling Kim to talk to Taylor about the "New York" situation. Every time they get together they have a talk about New York and get all fired up. I think that Bravo wrote that NY argument into the script and then told the women

7. Camille has WAY too much botox. It's disgusting.

6. Taylor and Camille need to gain about 20 lbs. Taylor especially. She doesn't have good bone structure, she just has in a sunk in face. I'm not a fan of the anorexic look.

5. Do you know any Jewish Mexicans? I read about Jewish Latinos in the Dirty Girls Social Club series, but I thought it was just fiction. Mauricio is a first for me.

4. I love that Adrienne is so down to Earth and a peacemaker. I also hate the way she dresses, but she buys what she likes and she's consistent.

3. I like that Kyle takes up for herself, but she loves to walk into an argument. She seems like the most down-to-Earth. I think I like her because I sometimes have a similar problem. Pray for me.

2. It makes PERFECT sense that Kim is an alcoholic. This explains some of her neurotic behavior.

1. Money really does make everything seem better.


South Loop Social Light said...

Glad to see someone else is a fan of the show. I didn't see too many black folks blogging about their season, but the Beverly Hills series was my favorite!! I liked watching people with REAL money live their lives. The show was originally about people that were living the good life, and at some point took a turn for people that started faking it until they made it.

Camille is a mess. I felt kinda bad that her divorce played out on TV, but she was over the top. Sometimes life happens and we have to get humbled.

Kyle is definitely not someone that ever found an argument she'd walk away from. The finale was so-so for me. I thought she was picking on her sister a bit.

Does anyone know what Kim does for a living? Is that Disney money still taking care of her lifestyle?

I think Lisa was WAY too nice to Cedric. He's damn near 40 living it up in her estate. He needed to go...

Adrienne and Paul have one of the best marriages, in my opinion. I thought that it was very realistic and healthy.

Taylor does look similar to skeletor to me lol... she could gain some weight. Oh yeah, and her husband and her are very awkward.

b.goody said...

I could care less about Taylor gaining 20 lbs. I just want her to take that crap out of her top lip.

ThummyB said...

Let's see...

#1 - I love that these women ACTUALLY have money.

#2 - I agree w/Lisa on the Taylor situation. Not so much that they need to revisit the NY incident, but moreso that Taylor clearly instigated the 2nd round of the argument, and somehow everyone else in the cast seemed to miss that point.

#3 - Kim is bat shyt crazy. I would think that chick would get tired of wining and crying. It must be the liquor.

#4 - Also...I love Lisa's hubby.