Friday, January 21, 2011

Hope for Hoes: A follow up

So in this post I was trying to figure out why God had Hosea take a hoe for a housewife. Especially since in other verses in the Bible, he specifically talks against that (Leviticus 21:7).

My favorite PK, Lauren, who claims she's not a Bible scholar broke it down for me. She's way too modest as always. She definitely IS a Bible scholar and I'm truly blessed to have her as a friend and great example of a loving wife and mother. Enough of the mushiness, here's her explanation about Hosea.

Hosea is God’s illustration of his perfect love. Hosea was commanded to take a harlot wife, have children with her, and God knew she would eventually turn her back on him and go back to being a prostitute. Through it all, Hosea had to stay with her, forgive her and love her.

Hosea the prophet was an Israelite, and at this time, the Children of Israel were in the habit of worshiping Idols even though they knew the One True God. No matter how much they were reminded of God’s commandments and love, they still went back to the idols. So… God had to show Hosea through real life experience the wonder of His perfect love.

Additionally, Hosea foreshadows Christ’s coming to die for us (perfect love) even though we were the very ones who nailed him to the Cross

This is what happens when I decide I'm too grown to go to Sunday school. I miss these lessons. Thanks for breaking it down, hun!

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