Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And Guess What Else

Today it's back to work and of, what a glorious staycation it was. Guess what else I did over the break?

  • Caught up with flava. Aw!
  • More brunches with girlfriends (not just my bff)
  • Baking cupcakes with my cousin (who happens to be a great girlfriend too)
  • Took family portraits. This was extra lame, but extra fun too. LOL!
  • Started baby shower plans for Dorian. YAY!!!!

I think I did this post to remind me how great vacation is when I'm at work and not on vacation.


South Loop Social Light said...

You guys did family portraits!! Those are always fun... one of my aunts is a photographer so I grew up having her document everything that was happening with our family. It's nice to look back and have the memories.

b.goody said...

Dorian's having a baby? Yay!

Kismet said...