Monday, January 31, 2011

Media Fast

It is the 2nd day of my media fast and I am off work. It is 11:40 p.m. and I am officially bored. I have worked out, cooked three meals, written four blogs, caught up on all of the blogs on my blogroll, read blogs not on my blogroll, taken an 3-hour nap, watched the State of the Union Address, prayed, meditated, read two magazines and now I am currently listening to my neighbors have sex.

I know that obedience and sacrifice are rewarded and the Pastor has called for a media fast, so I'm doing it. I want nothing more than to turn on my TV and watch an episode of Friends, but here's to a net breaking year for me. (Perhaps, I'll chronicle some of Pastor Hannah's recent sermons).

Or maybe I will... paint my toes or stare at the ceiling or something.

How was your week last week? Did you do any fasts for church/personal reasons? I know a lot of people were doing the Daniel fast. How'd that go for y'all?

Friday, January 28, 2011


Oh yeah! Unlike most Americans I love tax time. I love crunching numbers, I love getting money back. I love, love, love it!

I've always done my own taxes. My mom has a background in accounting, so if I ever don't understand something, I just hit her up. I asked her to do my taxes one year when I was a teenager and she was like if you don't take your smart ass in there and do them yourself you better. I mean, she didn't curse like that, but the "how stupid do you have to be to not do your own taxes" look she gave me was worse than a curse word.

Anyway, since then, I've never even considered letting anyone else do my taxes.

Howsoever, I've been hearing from my young, fab and fly (and employed) friends that professional tax preparers are the way to go because they study all the new laws and they find deductions I just wouldn't be privy to on my own.

My biggest hurdle is paying someone else money to do something I can clearly do on my own. Like how do I know it'll be worth it?

So question of the day is two-fold.

1. Do you use professional tax preparers and why (do you hate math/numbers, have you done it on your own and really saw a huge difference when a tax preparer did it, are you just too busy to sit down and do your taxes?)

2. Do you think I should get a professional tax preparer in 2011? (Notes to help you better answer the question: I am single, middle-class and I do not own anything. No car, no house, no kids. If I had a child, I would probably be kicked right back into the poor category, for real. In all my years of working my tax has never been higher than the standard deduction and I really don't think it will be this year either.)

What say ye?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Whoa Dere

I saw this on the Fresh Xpress and they saw it on the LA Times blog, but look at Steve Harvey's ex-wife just speaking her peace.

Thoughts? Man, I wish I could get on Twitter right now.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

State of the Union Thoughts

  1. Hillary Clinton looked nice
  2. I thought it was so cute when that lady was like "that's me. That's me." It's so great to see people be humble.
  3. Why is the speaker of the house so tanned. This dude is about the President's color. I need him to get off that GTL and swiftly.
  4. I thought it was pretty bold of him to talk about oil companies. Richard Boehner wasn't having any part of that. I agree though, BP doesn't need any government subsidies, believe that.
  5. John Kerry and John McCain were sitting next to each other like "Man, it should have been me."
  6. Some of my President's punchlines were pretty dry. "Thank you for showing them we ARE smart"... um, ok, Mr. President.
  7. "It'll be faster than flying, without the patdown." That touched my spirit, right there.
  8. Freeze spending for five years? Um... I don't think this makes sense, Mr. President. Did you hear how only five people or so clapped? Oh boy, that was funny.
  9. My President is talking about reorganization of government. The salmon example was priceless. Everyone eats salmon. :)
  10. My President is vetoing earmarks? WOW! He is not playing games out here. I don't necessarily agree with him, but he's sticking to his guns about government reform and I agree with consistency.
  11. "We will not relent, we will not waver and we will defeat you" My President's message to the Taliban. It was pretty strong
  12. He mentioned North Korea. Oh shit son. I'm scared.
  13. It's crazy how the military leaders didn't stand up when he talked about gays serving in the military.
  14. WE DO BIG THINGS ! Touche, Mr. President, touche.
So what's you think about the State of the Union Address?

Macy Gray's Hair Texture

Side note: I'M ON VACATION Your collective voice: Tea, you're always on vacation. My response: #DontJudgeMe

b.goody came with all the HOT topics when I asked you all for topics to write about. She's going to text me after reading this post to tell me to stop telling people she came up with this crazy mess, but... I'm not going to stop.

Anywho, Macy's Gray's hair texture is awesome. She's been natural since before it was cool. Macy Gray, howsoever, needs to do better at moisturizing her situation. For real, as big of a fad as natural hair is and all these products on the market. She is clean out of excuses.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Housewives and Such

I haven't done one of these in a while. Here's what I think about the Beverly Hills housewives.

10. The finale showed that doing reality TV ruins people's lives and/or brings light to how horrible people's lives really are. Either way, no bueno.

9. This is the same as 10, but I think it's SO sad that Lisa and Cedric got into an argument. I also think the argument was a manipulative way of Cedric to stay in the house. It clearly didn't work. It's sad.

8. I think Lisa was out of line telling Kim to talk to Taylor about the "New York" situation. Every time they get together they have a talk about New York and get all fired up. I think that Bravo wrote that NY argument into the script and then told the women

7. Camille has WAY too much botox. It's disgusting.

6. Taylor and Camille need to gain about 20 lbs. Taylor especially. She doesn't have good bone structure, she just has in a sunk in face. I'm not a fan of the anorexic look.

5. Do you know any Jewish Mexicans? I read about Jewish Latinos in the Dirty Girls Social Club series, but I thought it was just fiction. Mauricio is a first for me.

4. I love that Adrienne is so down to Earth and a peacemaker. I also hate the way she dresses, but she buys what she likes and she's consistent.

3. I like that Kyle takes up for herself, but she loves to walk into an argument. She seems like the most down-to-Earth. I think I like her because I sometimes have a similar problem. Pray for me.

2. It makes PERFECT sense that Kim is an alcoholic. This explains some of her neurotic behavior.

1. Money really does make everything seem better.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Vacation Schedule

This is more for me to remember to do what I said I was going to do and less for your entertainment, but here goes.

I'm also doing a media fast, so I need to keep my mind off of the fact that I won't be watching TV or Tweeting. I might workout twice a day because it's not like I have anything else to do.

Brunch with Jenna Work
Bowling for B's birthday Work
maybe go to the gym Work
Gina's going away party Sleep

Bears Game
Family Time

Balance my checkbook
Respond to KC about CWAP
Sleep a lot

Clean My Apartment
State of the Union Address

Twist my hair

Post Office
More Laundry
Zoe's Going Away Party
Dinner Club with the boos

Visit Dorian and Jake in OKC

Saturday & Sunday

Friday, January 21, 2011

Hope for Hoes: A follow up

So in this post I was trying to figure out why God had Hosea take a hoe for a housewife. Especially since in other verses in the Bible, he specifically talks against that (Leviticus 21:7).

My favorite PK, Lauren, who claims she's not a Bible scholar broke it down for me. She's way too modest as always. She definitely IS a Bible scholar and I'm truly blessed to have her as a friend and great example of a loving wife and mother. Enough of the mushiness, here's her explanation about Hosea.

Hosea is God’s illustration of his perfect love. Hosea was commanded to take a harlot wife, have children with her, and God knew she would eventually turn her back on him and go back to being a prostitute. Through it all, Hosea had to stay with her, forgive her and love her.

Hosea the prophet was an Israelite, and at this time, the Children of Israel were in the habit of worshiping Idols even though they knew the One True God. No matter how much they were reminded of God’s commandments and love, they still went back to the idols. So… God had to show Hosea through real life experience the wonder of His perfect love.

Additionally, Hosea foreshadows Christ’s coming to die for us (perfect love) even though we were the very ones who nailed him to the Cross

This is what happens when I decide I'm too grown to go to Sunday school. I miss these lessons. Thanks for breaking it down, hun!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

2010 Goals: How'd I do

So I don't know what I used to do, but now I write my goals down in different categories and I review them at the end of the year to see how I've done. I don't really need to consult them during the year because I'll give myself an anxiety attack and I know what they are, so it's not like I'm going to forget if I don't check the paper.

My specific goals are personal and I share some topline stuff with you all on here, friends, family, mentors, etc, etc, but I'm not about to tell you every single goal I have. But here's how I did.

Financial - Of the three goals I set, I didn't meet any of them. Of course, this is unacceptable, but I think I've learned how to repurpose them and make them happen in 2011.

Spiritual - Of the four goals I set, I met them all. Hooray!!!

Physical - Of the two goals I set, I met them both. YAY Again!!!

Design Resolutions - I don't do this every year, but I got the idea from Kay and it really helped me to decorate my place. Of the 12 design resolutions I made, I accomplished 9 of them. Not bad if I do say so myself. I'm going to add the other three to 2011 and wrap this design thing up in my cute little studio space.

How do you chart your yearly goals?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Quirky Things

Here are some quirky things I cannot live without at work

Coke or Diet Coke* (needs no explanation)
Lists (I love LISTS!!!!)
Excel (I would die)
Twitter (the breaks help me be productive)
POST-IT NOTES (you'd think they were a client the way my office is plastered with them)

What quirky things can't you live without at work?

*Coke is one of my company's clients.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Restaurants to Try

It's no secret that I love food. I tend to do things if I write them down on my blog or on Twitter.

So here are some restaurants that I've been meaning to try in Chicago. Let me know if you're interested.

Cafe LaGuardia - Cuban Food
Sunda - Asian Fusion
Karyn's Cooked - Vegan Food
Technique Restaurant - Le Cordon Blue Chicago Student Restaurant*
Lito's Empanadas - Columbian Empanadas

*LCB is one of my company's clients

Monday, January 17, 2011

To Celebrate or Not to Celebrate

I just got a promotion at the gig. YAY me! Question of the day is: How shall I celebrate?

A) Throw a happy hour (so friends and family and select coworkers can celebrate too)
2) Have a spa day
3) Take a trip
4) Treat myself to a really nice dinner
5) Treat myself to a really nice purchase
6) Do nothing and instead, make it rain on these credit cards

I can't pick. Usually when I can't pick I do all (which would be dumb expensive) or nothing (which would take away from this awesome accomplishment).

Help a sister out!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Money Lessons: Q4 and the rest of 2010

Happy Birthday Dr. King!!!

So here are my Q4 (and 2010 overall money lessons)

1. I need to add MNF to my budget in 2011. I'm clearly going to want to go every week.

2. Sometimes skipping stuff isn't worth it. I'm going to budget for b's bday festivities this year. Sorry about last year boo.

3. Buying inexpensive Christmas gifts is o.k. The world did not come to a swift end and everyone still loves me a lot.

4. There are literally 8 months out of the year where it's challenging for me to save money #facepalm

February - Superbowl and All Star weekend
April - Birthday Month
June - Summer
July - Summer
August - Summer
September - End of summer and bffs birthdays
November - Thanksgiving kickin' it
December - Christmas presents, holiday kickin' it and NYE

I could talk about how some of my favorite people have birthdays in March and how October is start of football season and then January and May are really the only two months where it's "easy" to put money away, but I won't go there, lest you all say I'm making excuses.

5. It felt really good: Like chocolate cake orgasmic to pay off a big chunk of my CC debt this year. I'm looking forward to spending my pay raise (that's right, your girl got a promotion, effective January 1!!!) and tax return on paying even more and really, truly being credit card debt free by the end of 2011.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Q4 Update: December

In December I skipped

7. MNF with the homies (3x)
8. Splurging on Christmas gifts (I stayed in my [very cheap] Christmas Budget and gave framed photos to most of the adults.)
9. Buying a new purse. (This is crazy though, I'm treating myself to a budget-friendly bag in January)

My unexpected expenditures were:

f. MNF with the homies
g. The entire weekend antithesis came to visit. (Don't feel bad girl, I made a conscious decision to spend that money and it was all good times)
h. A NYE outfit and money to blow. LOL!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Why is it when I have a pocket full of money I don't want anything. But when my account is overdrawn (don't judge me) I want everything in site.

I'm talking hot cocoa in the summer, gelato in the winter. I want sandwiches and soups and anything edible and cards for next Christmas (because they're on sale) and pretty much anything you can buy... because I don't have any money.

Does anyone else suffer from this problem? This is why I basically just stop going places and sleep a lot when I don't have any money in the bank. It's sad and ridiculous.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Q4 Update: November

Side Note: The Game premieres on BET tonight. Aw, man I'm too excited. I should do a post on it in the morning. I might.

In November I skipped:
2. Parlaying a work trip to Miami into a weekend. Hotel, food, grooming and fits add up. I just sent someone else on the trip. Who's proud of me?

3. Going anywhere one weekend. No clubbin, no house parties, no movies, no brunches, nothing. Just sat in the house and watched Netflix, read magazines, blogged, cleaned and slept a lot.*

4. Ev's Thursday night bday activities. (Dinner and drinks)

5. Buying a new purse. I desperately need a new purse. But I have enough laptop bags, clutches and carry-alls to get me through the season without splurging. We'll see if I have the same resilience in December.

6. MNF with the homies (4x)

My unexpected expenditures were:
c. A Bulls game with the homies (We spanked the Spurs too. #goodtimes)

d. Ev's Friday night bday activities (Bowling and such)

e. MNF with the homies.

*Blogging about money actually works because I was asking antithesis what I should do one night this month and she replied "What does your budget say?" and I was like [my budget says] No.

ALSO I checked my credit score this month and it went up about 25 pts. YAY! 90 more points to go to beat my all-time credit score high. :-)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Q4 Update: October

Who would've thunk that a year later, I'd still be talking about money. Well, I guess I'll be talking about it until I reach my goal. You all don't mind, do you? Get ready for a week another week to recap Q4.

In October I skipped:

1. Monday Night Football with the homies (3x)

Unexpected Expenditures were:
a. Monday Night Football with the homies (wouldn't you know... there are actually FOUR Mondays every month. LOL!)
b. A CHEAP plane ticket to go visit Dorian in January

Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm In a Movie!!!

Ok, not for real, in my head. In this wonderful life of dating anthropology, I come across a lot of moments that are like moments I've seen on TV in movies. Still waiting on that happily ever after, but uh... Here's Tea's Top 10 real-life scenes from a movie.

10. When I'm on the back of a motorcycle, I feel like I'm Carrie and he's Burger.
9. When I'm walking up a man's stairs for the first time I feel like I'm Nina and he's Darius.
8. When I'm eating dinner and watching a movie solo, dolo I feel like Jennifer Lopez in the Wedding Planner
7. When I'm blogging about anything, I feel like Carrie Bradshaw. My HP laptop is way doper than her blue and white screen though.
6. When I'm at a house party I feel like I'm in Clueless "Rollin' With The Homies"
5. When I'm flirting with an ex, I feel like I'm Jordan and he's Harper.
4. When a guy doesn't call for a few days, I feel like the clueless chic in "He's Just Not That Into You"
3. When I'm on a plane for work, I feel like George Clooney in "Up In The Air"
2. When I'm coordinating a wedding, I feel like Halle Berry in 007 (I know it's a stretch, work with me people)
1. When I wear leggings with boots I feel like I'm catwoman (the Nicole Kidman version) #DontJudgeMe

Do you ever feel like you're in a movie? Do share!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


No family this is not an AP Style lesson. I was talking to a friend and we decided when we die and have a legacy we don't want any asterisks next to our name.

Oh you know, this person was great, but. Or this person is best known for *insert embarrassing or downright slut butty thing here*

No ma'ams and sirs. I want my name to be asterisk-free. Here are some celebs that come to mind with asterisks. There are so many more, but who'd I miss?
  • John Edward
  • Reggie Bush
  • Vanessa Williams
  • Milli Vanilli

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Skiing & Such

So my job is They have a program where you can apply to win a $1,000 grant and five EXTRA days off work to do something to enrich/enhance your life. I applied to learn how to ski and WON!!! Woot Woot!

So anywho, I'm having the hardest time figuring out where to go skiing. So let's take a poll, shall we?

Option 1: Go on a pre-planned trip with my friends to Wisconsin over MLK holiday. (Pro: My friends are already going. Con: This timing conflicts with events that I need to oversee at work.)

Option 2: Go visit a friend in Lake Tahoe who gets ski discounts AND offered me and a guest a place to stay (Pros: Free lodging and I get to visit my friend. Cons: I've yet to find a guest.)

Option 3: Go visit a friend in Maine. (Pros: I get to visit a friend, possible free lodging. Cons: I have to do a lot of research on where's cool to ski in Maine that's close to where she lives.)

Option 4: Go to black Ski week in Colorado. (Pros: there will be tons of people there. Cons: It's likely more expensive than any of my other options and I've yet to find a second person to go with me)

See it's not the most difficult decision I've ever made in my life, but I'd appreciate your thoughts and feedback as to what you think I should do.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And Guess What Else

Today it's back to work and of, what a glorious staycation it was. Guess what else I did over the break?

  • Caught up with flava. Aw!
  • More brunches with girlfriends (not just my bff)
  • Baking cupcakes with my cousin (who happens to be a great girlfriend too)
  • Took family portraits. This was extra lame, but extra fun too. LOL!
  • Started baby shower plans for Dorian. YAY!!!!

I think I did this post to remind me how great vacation is when I'm at work and not on vacation.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Update to Deal Breakers

UPDATE: South Loop Social Light is thorough and would like to know what I like visually. These aren't dealbreakers, but preferences.

I hesitate to put this down because what I want may not come in the package that I'm expecting, BUT she asked, so here goes:

  • I like tall men, but I do not discriminate. I'm 5'5, so he just has to be at least 5'9
  • I like men who look like athletes. What type of athletes T? Doesn't matter: from the linebacker to the kicker in football to basketball to soccer. If he looks like he conditions his body to play professional sports, I'm typically in love. Also, I work out 3-4 times a week, so the Kevin James, Heavy D, Biggie couch potato look isn't really my thing.
  • I would prefer he dressed like a grown man, so no Ed Hardy shirts or skinny jeans. I have no problem with sneakers, if they're fresh. (Yes, I said sneakers instead of gym shoes. It's like someone sucked the Chicago out of me)
  • I like my men pretty, but not too pretty. Think Darren Sharper vs. Ginuwine (I would never date Ginuwine). I want him to look like he cares that there is no dirt under his nails, but not to have clear polish on his fingers. Like a balance of rugged and bourgeois.
  • I do date outside of my race and when it comes to white guys, I prefer the ones who look like they belong at a country club vs. the he could play in a band type (my homegirls love the shag, I can't go.)
How's that? I think you have a picture of my preferences now. Anything else?

Deal Breakers

I hope you all had a happy and healthy New Year Celebration. Welcome to 2011. It's going to be a great year.

Here's a follow up to last year's task of hooking me up on a blind date:

South Loop Social Light asked what were my five dealbreakers when it comes to dating, mating and the like. She didn't confirm if she was going to hook me up with someone or if she was just going to let me seek out her bff for guidance.

But here they go:

1. Religion - He has to be a Christian.
2. Job Status - He has to be working. No students.
3. He has to be ready.
4. Lack of chemistry is a dealbreaker. (No one can predict this though, so we just have to see) If we don't have any chemistry, I'm not going. I don't care if the resume is right. I need fire and desire. Word to Rick James and Teena Marie. (Side note: I wrote this before she passed. Crazy huh?)

I think that's it.

Also, question for Kidd. Did you tell the guy you're hooking me up with to add me as a friend on FB? I'm pretty sure I denied someone who was also a friend of yours, so if that was my blind date, my bad.