Thursday, December 9, 2010

You, Yes You

OMG! I just had the best idea in life. YOU, my blog readers are all going to hook me up on a date. You read this blog every day (or you know, every once in a while). You know my dating woes, you know what I'm looking for. You know single men.

YES! YES! YES! This is genius. If I don't have a man by the time this posts (UPDATE: I don't) YOU are in charge of hooking me up on a blind date. The only rule is that he has to have a job and you have to KNOW him and think that he's a good match for me.

He can be in any city, any state. Hell he could be in another country and I'll make it happen if you think it's a match. He can be any body type and any height. I'm SO serious. If you want you can even write a guest blog post about the experience. Please? Please? Please? (This is me begging, take a picture, it doesn't happen often) So... (in alphabetical order)

South Loop Social Light

What say you?


QUE.PK.iDD said...

T, I swear I think about this all the time. No lie. There really are a lot of "good guys" in this world (maybe not so much in Chicago lol), but I always say, "just because you're a good guy, doesn't mean you're good for me."

Now, before I review some of your posts on dating and go through my phone book, let me put this out there: I don't typically do the match maker thing. So if you end up hating each letter in his name, I want nothing to do with it. But if it works out, I wanna be at the top of the guest list! lol.

South Loop Social Light said...

I think you need to state your list of deal breakers... Just your top 5.

For professional men in the city I'd have to direct you to my BFF
or @sexyandthechi (twitter).

She'd be able to hook you up with someone for sure.!

T said...

@ Kidd, that's fine. There will be no jugdment if things don't work out and mass praise if they do.

@ South Loop Social Light, I'll post deal breakers on another post. I want to think about them to make sure I'm giving you the right five.

After I give you my dealbreakers, will you going to participate or are you deferring me to your bff OR are you two going to work together to find me a boo?

antithesis said...

girl, love u to pieces but if there was a dude who even remotely fit ur criteria, i would probably be on that myself. i'll keep my eyes open. idk if u want a DC dude anyway. aids rate and all that.

Kay* said...

oh gosh i wish i knew someone i could hook you up with! then you could come to toronto and we could finally meet too :)

sadly, i don't know anyone.

if i did i would be dating 'em ;)

Anonymous said...

I've racked my brain, cell phone, and FB and came up with absolutely no one. I am so sorry!

Anybody I know who's worth dating is already coupled up and anybody who isn't - isn't for a reason.

If I realize that I've looked over someone, I'll definitely let you know. Deal? Deal!