Monday, December 27, 2010

Tea's Top 10: Off Work Edition

I have 12 days off work. WOO HOO! Now you know I can't just ever saddown somewhere, so here are the Top 10 12 things I'm going to do while I'm at home. (No talk about me needing to relax. This stuff IS relaxing and I need lists, they make me feel better. I'm too old to fight it.)

I'll cross things out after I do them.

12. Do some service. (This could be #11, but if it's not, then yeah, I gotta get a volunteer project under my belt right quick)

11. (bonus) Rally the troops of orgs I sit on the board of to have clear goals, objectives, mtg times and event schedules

10. Cook and bake. It's so much easier to be domestic when you don't have to go to work

9. Go to the gym 2 lose these five lbs I've gained since the summer and all the cooking and baking I'll be indulging in.

8. Transfer all this dang music to my iTunes.

7. Have a dumb long conversation on the phone. You know those 2, 3 hr, hold on let me put my phone on the charger conversations? yeah, 1 of those

6. Brunch (or drinks or something) with my bff.

5. Write about a month's worth of blogs

4. Figure out when I'm taking this ski trip. WHERE I'm taking this ski trip and with whom the ski trip shall be taken. :-)

3. Bring the New Year in with my fam and faves (+ @thewholehood who'll be at the Kevin Hart show. LOL!)

2. Write 2011's goals.

1. SPEND TIME WITH THE FAM!!!!!! Baby brother's home & I should probbly scoop my baby niece one of these days.

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