Wednesday, December 15, 2010

She Got Raheem DeVaughn'd

Since we're already talking about sex, let's just keep the party going, shall we? Raheem DeVaughn has a new video out [about cheating] where it shows him getting busy with a pretty voluptuous sister all over his hotel room.

I thought it was a hot little video. I also think if I have children, they won't be using the TV OR internet without adult supervision since there's soft pr0n on Youtube now. But nevermind what I think, apparently women are going ape shit over it. Saying things like I miss I was getting it like that (Why aren't you?) and Wow, I never looked at Raheem like that before (and you shouldn't have, he's not attractive).

Folks are asking WHY he did the video (why does anyone do anything?), why women are going gaga over it (Why wouldn't they, people went crazy over the Single Ladies video and that was basic, super duper easy choreography from the '60s)

Again, because of the internet, blogs, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook we now know how everyone feels about EVERY single thing and some people are confused about the love for this video. To that, I say, get over it and who cares?

Can you imagine if social media was created when Pleasure Principle came out. Folks would have lost their minds.

Another pointless post brought to you by well... nothing.

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