Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Randomness

I was consulting a friend one day. I had professional info for her and she had dating info for me. Here's some tidbits she dropped on me.

- Volunteer to meet men. That's where she met her boo. (Real talk, I really need to just join a church and get involved in ministry and stop playing, but that's another post. I just joined New Life Covenant on Sunday. YAY!)
- Take my list of standards, then cross something off of it and see if that opens up the pool. Not a non-negotiable, just a preference
- Dating sites and matchmakers and speeddating and the like are investments into my happiness (at this point I was basically screaming "preach youngin!!!")
- Your strength is what makes you you. Don't downplay that, we just have to find someone who is stronger than you
- (My favorite thing she said) I'm going to keep my eye open for you.

Anyone drop any good dating knowledge on you that was like an aha moment?


antithesis said...

ive been told a couple of times that i wear my heart on my sleeve so people can tell that while i may not have a bf, that im stuck on some ignorant ass nigga which makes me unapproachable. that was the weirdest shit to hear but maybe it's true.

my friend said she met her boo volunteering, i think. i dont listen. but her point was she went somewhere not even thinking about meeting someone and it happened. cute. never works for me b/c the stuff i do is female attendance heavy. if i were gay...

QUE.PK.iDD said...

Your strength is what makes you you. Don't downplay that, we just have to find someone who is stronger than you

Thats the best advice ever. I've had men tell me I'm intimidating and difficult to approach. My response is usually something like..."that's so unattractive." LOL Anywho. Stay strong.

South Loop Social Light said...

My mom recently told me that she thought the majority of young people (i.e. 20s/30s) were unrealistic about what they wanted in a mate and what they in fact had to offer someone.

I personally feel people spend too much time holding onto a negative or pointless relationship because they don't want to be alone or hoping someone will change.

My husband and I were having the conversation the other night and he said women think real life is like "The Notebook" and that's how things really end lol...

T said...

@antithesis, you know I volunteer all the time right. My girl went ON to say her man was in fact, the ONLY man at the volunteer project. So yeah, it's not exactly science.

@Kidd Thanks for commenting!!!

@ South Loop Social Light Have you seen the Sinbad "Where U Been" special? He mentions how people think life is like the Notebook and it's absolutely hilarious. You have to see it if you haven't already.