Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The "P" Word

Lord knows I hate that word, but let's talk about it, shall we.

Missy came out with a song talmbout P**** don't fail me now and it was like the summer anthem of whatever summer that was. And even now when it comes on late in the club, hotel rooms keys are exchanged and bbm messages are sent. That song is a banger, no pun intended.

So Ms. Keri BABY comes out with a song dropping the P word and the F word all over the place and gyrating her woman parts all over the place and everyone is mad at her. She said something like she has the kind of good-good that'll keep a man out of the streets and folks are really going hard saying it takes more than that to keep a man. I'm pretty sure it's a 5-minute song about sex, not a dissertation on keeping your man. Again, Missy said "I gotta turn this brother out, so he don't want nobody else" and there were minimal to no complaints.

Let me also point out, Beyonce hasn't worn pants in 5 years and no one's mad at that. Missy had the don't fail me now song and no one's mad at that. Tweet had a song about pleasuring one's self (Ooops, oh my) and no one's mad at that?

Why are we so angry at Keri Hilson? I mean, if we want to be mad at her it should be for the blond hair that looks like she let KiKi from off the block do it, not because she's talking about sex and humping a bank volt.

The same way the 24-hr news cycle makes CNN talk about dumb stuff, the popularity of blogging is making us discuss things that really don't matter atall. Hence all the blogs and comments I've seen about Keri Hilson AND my blog post in response to it.

If Keri wants to be nasty out loud, I say more power to her.


antithesis said...

im not mad at her for that. im not mad at her at all. believe it or not, i hate that word too and i dont say it outloud.

i just feel like her professing the power of her p***** (that was a song, too and electric red has one as well while we're on the topic of songs) is the equivalence of man doing the same about his manly parts. WACK. sit down and be quiet.

T said...

But men do it all the time.

"stop talking about how big my d*** head is" - Mr. West

"So I knock the p**** out, knock it out, knock it out" - Yung Joc

"shawty say that n**** that she with ain't shit, shawty say that n**** she with ain't this, shawty say the n**** she with can't hit, but shawty, I'ma hit it like I can't miss" - lil' Wayne

No one is mad at any of these songs professing the power of the penis.

Why so angry at Ms. Keri baby???

South Loop Social Light said...

Keri Hilson is GORGEOUS and I think women have issues with attractive women flaunting their sexuality.

Let me also add that Keri Hilson is incredibly talented. Whether people buy her cd or not, she's a talented songwriter and has written dozens of songs for other singers. Of course the song in question isn't necessarily meant to highlight her talents with the pen, but every song doesn't have to be deep and meaningful. Sometimes you just want a song you can play while you get ready for the club, hit the treadmill, or dance around your house.

Bottomline, Hilson can sing, she's pretty and has talents as a writer... there's not much else we can pick on other than her oversexed up song. I think she's just having fun with it.

QUE.PK.iDD said...

I haven't heard the song, nor had I heard of it before now. I could very well go to youtube and listen to it now, but I choose not to (I'm sure I'll hear it eventually). But if the song has stirred up as much talk as you say, Miss Keri has done her job and an entertainer. Whether the song is about p**** or about a Jeep (Kels), if it gets the people talking, it's profitable is some form or fashion.