Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Don't Wanna Go!!!!

Ah, the winter months. My bed is more comfortable and the descent to work is more painful. Do you procrastinate in the morning doing things that need to be done, but that could definitely happen at another time to keep the journey to work as far away as possible. I do. Here are the top 10 things I do to slow down in the morning

10. Clean (washing dishes, sorting laundry, actually making up my bed, deep cleaning the bathroom, reorganizing my closet, anything to not go to work)
9. Take an extra long time with devotion. I mess around and print off names of Congress and pray for everyone and their family individually (ok, I've never done this, but you get the point, extra long devotion)
8. Balance my checkbook
7. Deep condition my hair
6. Check flight costs for my next vacation
5. Sort through my e-mail
4. Check Facebook, Twitter and read blogs
3. Cook breakfast
2. Watch the news for an extended amount of time
1. Write blog posts

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