Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: Year in abridged review

What a year it's been! You know how I do, time to reflect on all the highlights of the year in preparation for the next. The cities I visit, addresses I reside in and bottom lines I possess may change, but God's goodness and love has been there the whole time and will continue to be and for that, I am grateful.

Let's have a look at my 2010, shall we?

- Brought in the new year at a south side basement party. Wouldn't have had it any other way. Did NYC and Dallas back-to-back (for work).

February - Hit Superbowl wknd in Miami (for work). Hit All-Star wknd in Dallas (for work), stayed for play... ah, the Rock Star Lifestyle. LOL! Splurged on restaurant week in the Chi & 2 of my best friends got new gigs. I love being surrounded by beautiful, intelligent, ambitious women.

March - Went to New York again (for work). Went on an impromptu trip to LA (for work).

April - Went back to LA (for work). Was the on-site day-of wedding coordinator for a co-worker/friend. (YAY!)

May - Sam graduated from college. Who has two thumbs and is the proudest big sister in the world? *this girl* I planned another successful girls trip, this time in Miami: to celebrate my & JP's belated bdays. Went to Orlando for my cousin's wedding a family vacation.

June - Chia's weddding in Chicago. Sam's 70's theme graduation party. Chill weekend with the Jones' in PawPaw, MI. Mo money @ the gig!

July - Family-focused-fourth of July in the Chi. NYC for work. Moved into a new apartment. Decorated said apartment. LOL!

August - Next-level KICKED it at my HS reunion. Ayanna's wedding in Homer Glen. New York (twice) for work. Las Vegas for work.

September - 5-day much-needed staycation over Labor Day weekend. LA for work.

October - My sister's mom lost her battle with cancer. May she rest in peace. And while God could have let my sister be unbearingly distraught, he instead provided us with a funeral entitled: When keeping it real goes wrong. God's got JOKES.

November - A Republican senator got elected to represent Illinois while our democratic President FROM ILLINOIS is in office (looked for Jesus in the Eastern sky). Celebrated 6 years with the gig. Went to LA for work. Did day-of coordinating for my second wedding. LOVED IT!!! Booked my 3rd wedding based off a referral from wedding number 2. (*drama voice* they love me. They really love me!)

December -Went to my first drag show for big sis's bday. Antithesis came to Chicago. YAY!!! Went to Memphis for work. Took the last week in December off work. Woot Woot!


b.goody said...

You did a lot Ti, I'm surprised you remembered it all! It all goes so fast. Happy New Year!

T said...

Girl, I don't remember all this stuff off the top of my head. I don't even know why I went to some of these cities. LOL! I just keep a running tally in my drafts.

QUE.PK.iDD said...

Did you blog about sis' mom's funeral? I wanna read that. I have been to hundreds of funerals and have jokes for days. Like the time the family used the diseased's prom pic for the cover of the obituary...or the time dude got on the mic and referred to the deceased as "my nigga" ...or the time folks straight went IN off "It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday." I swear these make the best stories. lol

T said...

Kidd, I didn't blog about the funeral, but I'll tell you about it in person. It takes the cake on hood funeral. For real.