Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Donations

These are the organizations I've donated to in 2010. This post is not really for y'all, but more a note to self for when I do taxes.

1. Apostolic Faith Church
2. New Life Covenant Ministries
3. WY c/o 2000 Reunion Committee
4. Yele Haiti
5. American Cancer Society
6. Lupis Foundation
7. AIDS Foudation of Chicago
8. A friend's political campaign (is that tax deductible?)
9. Big Brothers Big Sisters
10. The Salvation Army (Ok, I just ran out of stuff to get to 10, but I'm not going to claim that $0.83 on my taxes. LOL!


QUE.PK.iDD said...

If you need a number 1 for 2010, my agency is always accepting donations :) We're a small non-profit that seeks to offer services to students (k-12) afterschool and during days of non-school attendance (Winter, Spring, and Summer break) and we try our very best to do it all for FREE (based on our funding and donations).

T said...

Hey girl, it's a wrap for 2010, but can you e-mail me the organization name and I'll write a check sometime in 2011.