Friday, November 12, 2010

Wedding Week: Shameless Plug

I finally found a fitting side hustle. I now do on-site wedding coordinating!!! I'm really good at it too. LOL!

I don't usually mix business (wedding coordinating) and pleasure (this here blog), but if you know someone who needs an on-site day-of coordinator, please e-mail me. I'll get my real name and contact information to you and we can discuss rates and references during a consultation.

Here's what I have to offer:

  • Six years of corporate event planning experience
  • An unmatched passion for all-things-wedding
  • A no-nonsense approach to making sure my bride is happy and carefee on her special day AND
  • Competitive rates

I'd love the opportunity to help with your wedding or the weddings of anyone you know.

Check out some picture from a wedding I coordinated in April. Aw!!! I have another wedding next weekend. I'll post those pics in a few months. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
We're going to the chapel and she's gonna get ma-aa-aa-ried. (Trolley ride on the way to the church)

Can you spot a clipboard-toting wedding planner in the background? I can!!!

There I am (in the back, to the right) directing guests to the reception location. Clipboard game proper. (How gorgeous is my bride, by the way?)

I was officially "off-duty" by the time we took this picture. It was an amazing day and night!!!


South Loop Social Light said...

Congrats on your side hustle! I went to Vegas to get hitched so not much coordinating needed for that lol... but I'll be sure to recommend folks to you.

Elizabeth said...

This is the bride in the pics and T was awesome! She handled all the details - including some annoying trolley divers - so I didn't have folks calling me up on my big day.

Plus she's a peach. :) Highly recommended!

Kay* said...

so awesome! it's great having a side hustle that you really enjoy isn't it?

i've wanted to give wedding coordination a try as it's something i think i'd be really good at...but funny enough i got into the wedding photography side hustle! maybe one day we'll be able to work together?!?! you know...when i'm back from india.....