Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wedding Week: Bridesmaids Dresses

**Disclaimer: I'm a wedding snob. I just like things a certain way. I'd never diss anyone's wedding decisions in real life. That's mean. But you're reading, so I'm assuming you care about my opinion.

Here are Tea's Top 10 tips for finding the perfect bridesmaids dresses:

  • Price - Make sure the price of the dress is something that everyone in your party can afford. I'm not saying change your tastes, I'm saying if you know someone is out of work, you may not want to have them in your wedding party asking them to buy dresses that cost half their rent.
  • Shape - You absolutely have to make sure big, small, short or tall, that everyone in your wedding party looks appropriate in their dress. You can't have a dress that flatters all the flat chested women and has the well endowed looking crazy. Or have a dress that looks good on tall women, but the short women look like they have on their mother's clothes
  • Color - Most women have their colors picked out before they even go on a first date, so this doesn't even need to be a tip. But, when in doubt, go black. I've never seen a wedding with black bridesmaids dresses that wasn't classically FABULOUS. Seriously, anyone can pull off a black dress. It's awesomeness.
  • Consistency - Who's bright idea was it to let the bridesmaid's pick their own dresses in different styles and the same color. People look like they're getting ready to go to church or a play or something vs. getting ready to walk down an aisle. All bridesmaids should have the same dress and the maid and/or matron of honor should have on something slightly different. End of story and I'm not arguing with you all about this either. My mind is made up.

Exception: Little black dress bridesmaids gowns. When all bridesmaids wear their own little black dresses, this is allowed. But that's it.

  • Shoes - Unless it's a floor length gown everyone should have on the same shoes. I'm also a big fan of buying your girl's flip flops or isotoners for the reception. While it's the most important day of your life, their corns are flaring up waiting for you to walk down the aisle. Throw these girls a bone.
  • DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO - This advice trumps all my other tips. I cannot stress this point enough. If a bridesmaid is adamant about not wearing red, let her sit in the pews of the church and spectate. I'm so serious. SO many women regret decisions they made on their wedding day because they were trying to make everyone else happy (mom, grandma, best friends, bridesmaid, uncle Charlie 'nem). Don't let this happen to you
  • If you like red and your husband likes red, then do red and let the chips fall where they may. If someone breaks up a friendship over a bridesmaid dress, she wasn't in it for the long haul anyway. Consider yourself blessed to find out early instead of after you've wasted years trying to do what she wants to do.


antithesis said...

bridesmaid dresses in different styles was ALMOST the answer in my sister's wedding. we all just were shaped very differently and the dress was two pieces so we could switch out the tops. we ended up deciding against it b/c everyone looked good in the tube top style.

someone said i shouldnt have my wedding colors be black and white. those were the only circumstances under which id have girls in black bridesmaid dresses.

i agree that unless the dresses are floor-length, all the shoes should be the same or VERY SIMILAR.

as for the maid or matron of honor, she can wear the same dress. i like when she's identified by a bigger bouquet that still isnt as big as the bride's.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Totally agree, I had the different dresses idea. I was in a wedding where one lady suggested we all wear different dresses and I was against it from the jump.
Thankfully we ended up wearing the same dress.

Anonymous said...

OR save yourself the headache and money and ELOPE!