Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tea's Tangents

  • I put this on Twitter, but in case you missed it. You know how people always say R.I.P. when someone dies. That's cool and everything, but I think I'd like to live in peace. So you'll see my using L.I.P. from time to time.
  • Facebook is wack arnold's and they suck at privacy, but I am obsessed with adding new friends. It's a #realissue
  • I seriously considered purposely finding a boo in Atlanta because the flights are always so cheap there. Then I remembered how bad my gaydar is and that's like the black gay mecca, so yeah... gonna keep it local for a little while longer.
  • I get really frustrated when people don't want to communicate the way I initiated communication. At work: If I send you an e-mail and then you follow up with a call I'm pissed. If I leave you a voicemail and then you send me an e-mail, I'm pissed. Personally, if I Tweet you and you follow up with a text, I'm not pissed, but I do roll my eyes. Or if I DM you and you @ reply me out loud. #WDDDA
  • I sleep like a two-year old. Who goes to bed with 2 socks on and wakes up with just 1 on. Like for real?
  • Tropical colored panty and bra sets make me VERY happy. I could be having the worst day in life, then I remember I have on a dreamsicle drawls and then I feel better. I think that's odd, but I don't care. :-)
  • Every time I tweet something about a bad hair day, a homie suggests I go see her stylist. No diss to said homie, but I have a stylist and I only go to her about twice a year, which is why I have so many hair woes. Said homie may just be trying to be helpful, but I think that's her way of saying "your hair always looks a mess." Maybe I'm wrong, but I keep comments like that to myself or between me and my brunch buddies. LOL!


antithesis said...

ur also someone who thinks their hair looks a mess more often than it actually does so i doubt the suggestion has anything to do with that.

i would be happier if i had more hello kitty undies. i bought a pair b/c they were cheap and my nieces asked me to spend the night when i wasnt planning to. now i need MORE. dont think i can fit their bras tho...

Naturally Alise said...

"I sleep like a two-year old. Who goes to bed with 2 socks on and wakes up with just 1 on. Like for real?"

That is so me, I wake up with covers on the ground and pillows strewn about!