Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Social Concierge

So not only am I an anthropologist and day-of wedding coordinator, you can now add social concierge to my list of awesome talents (and services).

I'm that person everyone hits up when they want to know where to go for their birthday, where to host a meeting on the north side, what's popping this weekend, what city would be best for a bachelorette party, what airline would be best for an international trip and what cupcake place in the Chi would be best for an afternoon treat.

I don't mind this title. I embrace it. I know stuff. I keep my ear to the ground to learn new stuff and I love to share. So if you ever need to plan a party, a trip, [a wedding: this'll cost ya], a dinner, a phenomenal date... hit your girl up.

I love new projects.

What are your hidden talents?

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