Tuesday, November 2, 2010


My motivation for working out changes daily. Here are some off-the-wall things that are helping me lately.

10. Take your gym clothes with you. I took my gym clothes to the eye doctor in the suburbs because I knew once I got back to my apartment there was no going back out. This works surprisingly well.

9. Watch #dobetter TV while you're on the machines. When I watch intervention or hoarders or someone other show where people have #realissues while I'm working out, I feel SO much better about myself. I didn't MEAN to do that, but the TV was on one of those channel and I noticed my workouts intensify.

8. Hop on the scale. I have a weight I can't go over. The closer I get to it, the harder I go at the gym. Seeing the scale go down can also be a motivator to make it want to go down further. My after-scale workouts are always better.

7. Workout close to your home. Again, it's super tough to get me out of my bed or off of my couch and it the commute is going to be long... forget about it.

6. Read a fitness magazine (or several). When I see people talking about eating hummus instead of fried chicken or climbing mountains or skiing or some other activity I know I'm never going to do it gives me motivation to at least do 30 minutes on the eliptical... at least.

5. Have cheerleaders. thummyb, antithesis and Tiff. are always in my workout corner. I can call them (or Tweet or bbm) to get motivation at any time.

4. Be someone else's cheerleader. I cheer my friends on to work out as well. If I fall off, I feel like I'm letting them down or being some sort of hyprocrite. Can't have that.

3. Focus on sex. Stop blushing. Geez, everyone's getting action, stop acting like that's a secret. Anywho, think about what that thang's gonna look like when you're backing it up. This makes me go harder at the gym. (Side note: men don't give two damns about extra weight or cellulite, this has to be about how YOU want to look when dropping it low.)

2. On that same note, trade in some of your fast-paced workout songs for GTD jams. You'd be surprised at how many extra rounds a Jamie Foxx or Trey Songs CD will make you do.

1. Go to the gym on Sunday. Working out on Sunday is like padding the week with any extra workout. It's so easy to hit three or four workouts when you start it off with Sunday.

So what's your main motivation for working out? What gets you off of the couch when you're in a rut?

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antithesis said...

u actually listed quite a few of my motivators and thanks for the shoutout!

i run faster and harder when certain songs come on my ipod. it's an extra rush b/c i keep my ipod on shuffle so i never know when theyre coming. i get boosts mid-workout and toward the end b/c of this.

i told u before that i dont buy workout clothes but my mom bought me some and getting to wear them helps. i also bought some leggings when i was at my sister's and she had a gym pass for me. i love those things. i need to check walmart for some more.