Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mediocrity & Such

*This is an angry post. Don't quit me. I have happy, happy, joy, joy stuff coming up next week.*

I have a general problem with admins. They say I'm demanding. I prefer to say I'm thorough. Let me give you the vaguest example in life, lest I get fired.

I gave very specific directions for a project. Someone volunteered to do it. She has the OPTION of either doing it the red way or the blue way. Both ways are satisfactory, I told her prefer blue, if possible. (and yes I did say "if possible" in writing)

Admin in question does 90% of blue and drops it off at my desk while I'm not here like it's complete. Then I find out she could have done 100% of red. (Gosh, I hope this makes some kind of sense). The #realissue is that I can't turn a 90% completed project into my clients.

Now, she's gonna say she didn't have what she needed to do 100% of blue and I preferred blue so she thought she was doing me a favor. NO!

This is where common sense has left the building.

Yes, yes, perfectionism is a disease, but I have it, my colleagues have it and our clients LOVE us because we have it. Countless times I've heard clients and vendors say, oh we don't have to worry about that because T & her team took care of it/will handle it/are on it. They pay us to think about details they don't want to have to think about and 90% is not ok.

What I'm NOT going to do is send my client 90% when they are expecting 100. These admins out here trying to make me look bad.

Mediocrity cooks my grits fam. Especially in the work place. Come correct or don't come.


antithesis said...

scenario made sense to me but my life tends to be a convoluted mess entangled in fail so i guess im not a good representation of ur readers. even if i was said admin, id never think that something incomplete was the answer. i wuld recognize that i couldnt do blue and be like "she gon' be mad but she'll get over it" and "she's old enough not to let her wants hurt her" and do red.

Anonymous said...

OMG, you are speaking to me with this situation. I'm counting down the days of having an absolute working in my office. Common sense is UNCOMMON! Never would I expect someone to turn in an incomplete project. WTH is so hard about just asking you the questions if she was confused?